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Financial Market Access & Solutions Holdings (« FMAS »)  provides strategic financial institutions with innovative and effective solutions that enable them to manage compliance, market access solutions, counterparty risk and audit requirements.

FMAS clients are strategic entities as Pension funds, public linked entities, Asset Managers and Banks.

FMAS is different from traditional firms, which approach business from the outside in. FMAS is dedicated to partnering with business leaders and working as part of their teams - to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out.

For each new or ongoing project, we assemble a multidisciplinary team and by tapping into the expertise of our global professional community, we bring best professionals for the functions, who average 10 years of relevant experience, and a client service team committed to the successful outcome of your project.

Assisting clients with a variety of Governance, Internal Audit, Execution Solutions, Risk Management, Structuring and Compliance initiatives, including:
Internal Audit and Functional Support
Risk Management
Regulatory and Code Compliance

FMAS provides independent, accurate solutions for a broad range of assets.

Financial Market Access & Solutions Holdings group entities are operating in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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